Instrumentation for the album

Since half of the songs on this album are “electric” ( Drums, Bass, Electric Guitar) and half the songs were Acoustic Ballads, the instrumentation was self evident. What happened along the way was, the more I brought the Cello, Violin and Vocal into the process, the more the ballads became special. What I want to convey is that even though these instruments were selected initially to be part of the process, the more we worked on the material the more I realized how much depth they were adding. So much so, that it became apparent that the more we expanded their role, the better the project became.

How I wrote the album “Songbird”

Songbird was written one song at a time. Each song comes from a particular event or series of events that I experienced over that time period. I was able to capture the moment(s) and translate them into music and lyrics. What was even more amazing was how the musicians that I worked with, were able to connect to the meaning and spirit of the material.

Where inspiration comes from when writing songs

The music comes from whatever I have inside of me that creates music. The lyrics and meanings come from my observations and point of view. Anything can be inspiration. The trick is to go through each day on the lookout for things of interest and to look at them from a writer’s point of view. My purpose is to capture what I experience and translate that to emotion. Also, in particular, I try to translate the work of nature in this process as much as possible.

How I became a songwriter

I am self taught both musically and lyrically. I studied both, on my own, until what I was writing became my own. When I first started writing, I would write songs that sounded similar to something already out there. For most aspiring writers this is a major stumbling block but really its just part of the process. You have to finish these songs and move on to the next one.