Fractured Lifestyles and what it means to be Human!

I am often asked about the meaning of… “How music can be used to strip away our fractured lifestyles, and reconnect us to what it means to be human”.

Fractured lifestyles are the result when we are inundated by conflicting messages and/or when we often do one thing, while thinking about something else. These not only impede our conscious thought but more and more result in a disconnecting of our minds from our hearts. This takes us farther away from our instinctive being and nature, and we end up emotionally crippled and starved for humanness.

What it means to be human…

Learning what things are human nature and which are not. Human nature is highly subjective or highly dependent on characteristics which are derived from, and within, our cultures. Although we are born human, we grow up and must learn what it means to be human.

Learning to distinguish between unhealthy thought and wired thought. For example, evolution has wired us to rationalize decisions and unfortunate events. This is a defense mechanism, or an internal way of letting things go and moving on… it has value. However, to rationalize bad behavior would be unhealthy.

Once you identify what it means to be human to you, reconnecting can begin. Once you reconnect, you can work on ways to be better; sharing, being in the moment, being compassionate and living in harmony with our world… what it means to be human!