As One

As One is a call to action to engage in lifestyle changes that are more in unison with our environment.

As One CD Cover

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Disc One

  1. The Heart Of The Sound
  2. The Heart In You
  3. As One
  4. I Can Go
  5. Eternal Now
  6. Odyssey Outre
  7. The World’s A Little Colder Without You Today
  8. Where Are You Now
  9. Susan
  10. I Am Dad
  11. Can You Sleep Tonight

Disc 2

  1. Clouds
  2. Didn’t We
  3. Live Wire
  4. To The Very Edge
  5. If You Call
  6. China
  7. When We Play
  8. I Am Me
  9. All Good Things

One Look

One Look is a musical journey through introspective peaks and valleys of loves lost and found.

One Look CD Cover


  1. Seasons of the Sun
  2. This is My Girl
  3. Always with You
  4. Walk on Bye
  5. Always on My Mind
  6. Heaven
  7. Avar Torr
  8. My Big Brother
  9. My Tree
  10. This is Love
  11. Why need more
  12. Eyes of Destiny
  13. We will Follow
  14. At my Window