Better Angels…recording

When we recorded the drums, we had the best room we could find and two great Engineers (Songwerks Studio = Robert Mackey & Greg Warnecke). Then, as we recorded the instruments, we had multiple microphones on each (Songbird had mostly one on each instrument). For the guitars, I added a Taylor 814 and a Gibson SG, that I searched extensively throughout multiple states to find. This greatly enhanced the sound of the guitars on each song.

I found Four great new vocalists…Flannery, Frosty, Cortney and Lori. This allowed me great flexibility to match their voices to the tones that best fit each song.

The rest of the tracks were added and selected, with the great ear of IV Lab’s Mike Sportiello… who sent the tracks over to Brian Zieske (Off Axis Audio). Brian then applied his talents to all these extra tracks, that he did not have when he worked on Songbird.

The result was a superior recording!