New Album “Better Angels”…

The new Album “Better Angels” is now released! It was over a year in the making and required two different recording studios.
Better rooms, sound wise, were available and more tracks were used to record the instruments. This allowed the sound engineers more flexibility. Listeners should be able to notice the advantages(technically)from previously released material. There is more depth to the recording and more resonance in each of the songs.
There are other reasons why this recording is better…I will cover these in future posts!

How I became a songwriter

I am self taught both musically and lyrically. I studied both, on my own, until what I was writing became my own. When I first started writing, I would write songs that sounded similar to something already out there. For most aspiring writers this is a major stumbling block but really its just part of the process. You have to finish these songs and move on to the next one.